What are the characteristics of stainless steel cutting? 42

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The machinability of stainless is much worse than carbon metallic material parts. The machinability of austenitic stainless steels is the worst. Stainless steel machining has the follow-up characteristics: (1) hardening really in processing: because the plasticity of stainless is big, rather than steady, in the action of machining stress, the hardening layer also be manufactured. And impact the schedule of the follow-up process heavily. (2) large trimming force: plastic deformation of stainless steel raises in the machining procedure, boosts cutting force. At the same time, stainless steel producing hardening significantly, with high heat strength, and increases the cutting resistance, so the cutting force of processing stainless steel is larger. (3) high processing temperature: plastic deformation and friction among the tools and machining part are large during machining, resulting in more cutting heating; with poor cooling down conditions, In same conditions, the cutting temperature of stainless is much bigger other metallic machining. (4) Swarf is challenging to break, easy to keep connected: stainless plasticity, toughness is large, chips continually produce out, not only have an impact on the smooth operation, the chip will also crush the refined surface. Stainless steel is a popular mechanised processing material. As a machining provider, you must know the machining performance of stainless, and then you can produce products meet the quality demands.

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