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when you can only plot together a bunch of a few ideas from some body else's line? In the event of PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, the makers targeted the most prolific money-maker of the prior century, the James Connect series. It's all lampooned in that animated feature. GOLDFINGER's strike on Kentucky's Fort Knox by means of knock-out gas. GOLDFINGER's threatening laser-like jimmy machine. A submarine in Venice. A gondola chase in Venice that transitions in to a street quest for the gondola on land. Unsuspecting gondoliers being victimized through the mayhem. Vesper's demise cage from the close of CASINO ROYALE. Renaming "Q Branch" as the "North Breeze," with various secret agent gadgets. Clearing the freight bay of a transfer aircraft Willy Nilly. Surviving an quit from a plane without a parachute. Scaramanga's area (a.k.a., the "James Bond Area" near Phuket, Thailand) from THE MAN WITH A GOLDEN GUN. Tell-tale snow globes substituted for tell-tale Fabrege Eggs. Epic-scaled villain's hideouts that hit up. How much more Bond could you stack into 85 moments of animation action?

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