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When you have identified an appropriate area to run your upcoming major event, one of your next vital challenges will be to consider which seating kind will best fit your guests and better their experience. There are a variety of factors why tiered seating is particularly popular at events for prospects of 100 or 100,000 or higher:

Tiered seating is hugely flexible

As long as tiered temporary seating is pointing in the appropriate way, it is well matched to virtually any event. For any conference or product launch, preferably, seats are forward pointing, to the front of the room. Yet, tiered seating is often laid out in a ´┐ŻU' or horseshoe shape in a larger space, helping as many audience members as possible to gain from a clear view of a stage.

Greatest seating capacity can be attained

A huge selling point of choosing tiered seating for your event is that much less floor space is used. Because each row of seats is above the row of seats right in front, not as much leg room is required. The effect of this is that even though event seating uses up quite a bit of space in terms of height, the actual floor space is far less than if the exact amount of seats had been installed on the floor. Often, both tiered seats and rows of floor level seats may also be implemented to grant the maximum capacity.

Tiered seating is the ideal option for events that are best seen from above

Certain events are even better seen from above, for example, sports matches or central performance stages. In these occasions, when the audience is large, temporary seating can be constructed the whole way round a stage or a pitch, giving a good view from all angles. It's essential to get the height of each tier right to ensure that no view is impeded by the row of seats instantly in front.

Temporary seating structures can be swiftly erected and disassembled

Temporary seating structures are typically made with frameworks of lightweight though tough, corrosion free aluminium. Pieces can be transferred conveniently and then slotted together; once the event has ended, seating units are then able to be taken apart and packed away for transportation. Seats are frequently produced from comfortable yet long lasting substances including polypropylene, therefore they can be utilised time and time again without getting damaged.

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