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The real Secret Millionaire - or rather very famous Millionaire: It is not long ago, it went through the press: Forty U.S. millionaires and even billionaires to donate most of their assets.

Effective public gave Microsoft founder Bill Gates, media mogul Warren Buffett, hotel heir Hilton or the banker Rockefeller family deliver a promise more than half of their wealth to charity. A gigantic act of generosity, which caused a stir at the time worldwide. The German millionaires, however, prefer to have it discreetly and quietly donate. You want to do good without putting their wealth to flaunt as it struck against the Americans to criticism at the time.

The new format of the RTL Secret Millionaire is now the middle ground between the two extremes: The millionaire - in the first three episodes of an internet entrepreneur, a doctor and a board of directors - zuächst operate in secrecy, and even undercover.

But at the same time highly effective publicity: First, because they identify themselves at the end - and by the way because Sunday night an audience of millions on the TV screen is watching.

Donations as a new state project for the rich? Not on Secret Millionaire on RTL!

Donation is in vogue - but how to donate because the ghosts. Be a social contribution to society. Something back to the community, thanks to a fortune so could only arise which are, for example, a thought. Other (background) but thoughts are just no denying: That's enough of the tax savings from donations to the demonstration of wealth through higher and higher donations. It just underlines his status in American climes like with the donations.

For luxury goods of all kinds can Arab oil sheiks afford as newly rich heirs around the world - but donations are evidence of true greatness, perhaps even of true wealth and put real exclamation point, as the fundraiser Gates, Buffett and Co is impressive and even the show Secret Millionaire RTL is a great success in the USA.

Donations culture in Germany and the United States and the contribution of Secret Millionaire

While in the USA so there is a real culture of giving, the Germans have difficulties. Fewer millionaires, many of which regularly reach into the wallet and support charitable organizations. But the public perception is often different. Donate here often need a frame, an opportunity to be taken seriously - and the RTL delivers with Secret Millionaire now in this country.

The entrepreneur donates not simply in silence, he writes not only unceremoniously a check. RTL sends the rich to the poor, where he learns of the worries and troubles on their own bodies - and only then is his money. Thus, the Cologne television sets on identification, personal involvement and emotion: both by the millionaire and the viewers of the TV screen.

So be it. When doing so much good in the end result and really benefit those in need of any type it, then the U.S. pledge donations as well as Secret Millionaire has served its purpose.

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