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Bathtub Refinishing Dallas is a great way to not only renew your uglied out bathtub but is also ideal remedy to change the color of your existing structure. Dallas Bathtub, Tile, Shower Refinishing Bathtub Refinishing Dallas is not a tub and tile painting procedure. Truth is Professional Bathtub Refinishing never uses Epoxy Paint. The d.i.y. epoxy kits sold in home improvement stores are what was used for apartments over twenty years ago. The fact that these kits are still sold is something I simply do not understand. The very last thing you never want to do is use a brush and roller to paint epoxy paint on top of the old surface this is a recipe for disaster and will result in a peeling mess. When properly accomplished Bathtub Refinishing will become a permanent solution for your bathtub, shower or tile refinishing needs. The bottom line is when completed properly, using the corrects steps and materials that cannot be purchased at a home improvement store but instead is only available to professionals then refinishing becomes a very affordable option for the homeowner. 972-391-7994 Dallas Bathtub Refinishing.

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